About us

Like all great inventions, iFloorPlan was borne of necessity.

Back in 2001, as a working real estate photographer and floor planner, I created an interactive floor plan using the now defunct Adobe Flash and offered the product to real estate agents. The response was overwhelming. I was soon creating 20 or more tours a week for my clients. The process was a big clunky so I started to imagine an app that would allow my fellow workers to create the tours. 

By 2003 I had a basic app that let us upload our media, drag markers onto a floor plan and link those markers to an image. I believe we were the first in the world to create such an app. 

Since then iFloorPlan has changed quite a bit. We opened the app to the public and soon iFloorPlans were being created and viewed all over the world to market all sorts of different properties. 

We have had to keep up with major changes. With the introduction of smart phones, our chosen technology, Flash, was on it’s way out. We adapted our player to HTML. And later with the complete demise of Flash, we recreated iFloorplan with modern technologies. And we are constantly upgrading our app. In 2020 iFloorPlan teamed up with ScaleUp Consulting and together will have a brand new editor and player in 2024 that will take full advantage of the developments in internet technologies.

Meanwhile iFloorPlan remains the easiest way to create and publish an interactive floor plan virtual tour, and probably the cheapest. We love to hear from our users and will always provide human to human support when required.

Robert Hudson

Founder and Director